James Chater: list of writings




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‘Family matters: music in the life and works of Giovambattista Strozzi the Elder’ [forthcoming]




Papers Read


Melodic Line in the Later Madrigals of Marenzio’, Southampton, UK, July 1973

‘Towards a Definition of poesia per musica: Rore’s “Anchor che col partire”,’ London, UK, July 1980

Petrarchism and the Italian Madrigal’, Bergamo, Institute of Slavonic Studies, April 1996

‘"Mercy, peace, a sacrifice of praise": promoting harmony on the kliros’, paper read at the festival “The Touch of the Sacred”, Joensuu, Finland, July 2006

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Popular writings


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Liner notes for CDs and videos on Beethoven, Haydn, Monteverdi, Mozart, Mendelssohn and miscellaneous collections









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